Vince's Favorite Records

	The following are various records that pertain to the ability for which I am most known-- 
Highest Dunk 
Joey Johnson of San Pedro, California dunked on an 11 foot , 7 inch high basket during the One-on-One 
Collegiate Challenge on June 25, 1990. 
Track and Field Records: 
       High Jump        (athlete)                   (distance)                  (date)          
                 World     Javier Sotomayor (Cuba)        8ft  1/2in              July 27, 1993  
                 United States      Charles Austin             7ft 10 1/2in         August 7, 1991    
       Long Jump                       
                 World             Ivan Pedroso (Cuba)         29ft  4 3/4in         July 29, 1995 
                 United States             Mike Powell           29ft  4 1/2in         August 30, 1991 
       Triple Jump 
                 World     Jonathan Edwards (Great Britain)   58ft  11 3/4in    July 18, 1995 
                 United States         Willie Banks                    58ft  11 1/2in        June 16, 1985 

All records are accurate as of August 1, 1995.

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